Sunday, January 7, 2018

An American Podcast in London

My girlfriend and I have booked our vacation trip to London, England. We will be flying in the morning of 21 April and departing back to Chicago on 26 April.

This will be my first visit to London, and I am looking forward to walking the streets and visiting the locales from some of the most memorable moments in the history of Doctor Who. I will most certainly be visiting The Who Shop & TV Museum, and perhaps make the pilgrimage to the old BBC Television Studios where most of the classic series was filmed. I regret that we missed out of having a chance to visit the recently-closed Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, but we will have plenty of other activities planned during our stay.

If any of my British listeners of the podcast would like to meet-up, drop me a line at (or find me on Facebook or Twitter). I may organize a meet-up at The Who Store/Museum if enough are interested. And I will probably be recording a segment or two for a future podcast episode while I'm in town.

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