Saturday, February 6, 2021

No Clever Title - We Rank The Doctors

Depressed over Gallifrey One being cancelled due to Covid-19? Got two hours and change to kill? Listen in as JB, Sean & Chris rank ALL 14 Doctors for the ULTIMATE Doctor Who ranking. They also get into geek TV FOMO, the Series 24 Blu-Ray infomercial, and the usual bitching about Big Finish replacing dead actors.


The ULTIMATE Doctor Who Ranking (based on average scores) is…



1. Tom Baker (1)
2. TIE - Jon Pertwee and David Tennant (3.3)
3. Patrick Troughton (5.3)
4. Sylvester McCoy (6.3)
5. Peter Capaldi (7.3)
6. Paul McGann (7.6)
7. John Hurt (8.3)
8. Christopher Eccleston (8.6)
9. Colin Baker (9)
10. TIE - William Hartnell and Matt Smith (10)
11. Jodie Whittaker (11.3)
12. Peter Davison (13.3)

Sunday, January 10, 2021


I’m very surprised I was able to put together a cohesive edit out of this month’s drunken ramblings. It’s the last time I’ll have four shots of Bacardi mixed with Coca-Cola before recording a podcast, cause I get really shouty again. I blame this week’s insurrection. Anyway, Chris, Sean and I review “Revolution of the Daleks” and discuss the rumors about Jodie Whittaker leaving the series and a new companion joining. Please drink responsibly. - JB


Saturday, January 9, 2021

Pre-Show: Post-Insurrection

Before we discussed the new episode of Doctor Who which aired on New Years Day, Chris, Sean and I had to talk it all out about this week's events at the U.S. Capital.  We hope this brings you some comfort and solace, and I encourage you all to keep the conversation going.  We must never forget what happened this week and we must never let it happen again.

Our review of "Revolution of the Daleks" will drop later this week. - JB


Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Doctor Who Gives A F*ck Xmas Special

This month the podcast has the most Doctor Who content it’s had in a good long while as JB, Sean and Chris rank and review ALL 13 Doctor Who Christmas Specials from the modern era. They also speculate about what we’ll see in the upcoming New Years Day episode “Revolution of the Daleks”. Also, JB finally started watching “The Mandalorian” and Sean records his real-time reaction to the Dalek YouTube videos. WARNING: this episode contains callbacks to jokes that were edited out of the podcast. Happy holidays!


Sunday, November 8, 2020

See Your Doctor If Your Election Lasts More Than Four Days

Recorded during day four of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, three middle-aged American white males who did NOT vote for Trump attempt to review the Big Finish Audio “Time in Office”. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Chris is not a Cyberman, dissing and defending “Delta and the Bannermen”, classic companions showing up in movies, watching “Star Wars” for the first time, getting old sucks, JB’s ultimate locker room humiliation, explaining jock straps to Sean, nude swimming class, Sean tries to bluff his way through a Big Finish review, pulling a Dodo with Turlough, rehashing “The Face of Evil”, Janet Fielding is your favorite drunk aunt, bitching about the Peanuts specials moving to Apple TV, sneaking alcohol into movie theaters and airplanes, Tim the Time Lord and the Voltron TARDIS, “on Concord”, the age of consent in England, destroying “Talons” DVDs is now trending, a brief history of black characters in Classic Who, David Tennant almost played Hannibal Lecter, plaster casters, podcasters on Ambien, manatees are writing Big Finish Adventures, Chris breaks up and JB cracks up, closing in on 270, we completely missed the L.I.N.D.A. reference, David Tennant shilling products on his podcast, Doctor Who references on Saturday Night Live, watching SNL in the 80s and 90s, how the Trump-to-Biden transition will be like the Moffat-to-Chibnall transition, when will AOC be old enough to run for President?, an update on our download numbers, JB’s not-well-thought-out plan to bribe listeners for podcast reviews, why “The Muppet Movie” holds up and “The Muppet Show” doesn’t.


Sunday, October 4, 2020

Bigly Finish

Seven months into the pandemic, and maybe things are starting to look up? This month JB, Sean and Chris get political on all y’all while reviewing the Big Finish audio adventure “The Lovecraft Invasion” starring Colin Baker.

CONTENTS INCLUDE: Where we were when Trump got Covid-19, the train-wreck that was the Presidential Debate, Texas messes with early voting, Tom Baker is officially a fossil, an ode to Smokey Joe, the replacement rat on the Talons blu-ray, diversifying the background characters in the “Fury from the Deep” animation, getting Twitter love from Frazier Hines, Sophie Aldred and Juliet Landau, getting overwhelmed by Big Finish’s catalogue, another plug for the Big Finish app, who the fuck is Flip?, using personal pronouns and verb tenses when talking about time-traveling transgenders, death of the author, Colin Baker sounding much older, we talk about smoking for almost eight minutes, Big Finish taking the Chibnall approach in dealing with Lovecraft’s xenophobia, woeful American accents, cribbing from “Vincent and the Doctor”, the Doctor meeting Thomas Jefferson, “The Shakespeare Code” is now as problematic as “The Talons of Weng-Chiang”, did the 456 aliens inspire QAnon?, nine hours of Dalek dialogue, the most offensive cat name, dissecting the Radio Times Doctor Who poll, “NMD’s” and “JodieBots”, Republicans are morons, Christmas at Ground Zero.


Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Captain's Log

Six months into the pandemic, and we’re still at it.

CONTENTS INCLUDE: Sean obsessively purchases replacement DVDs, Time Flight over Hell Bent, we got over 3,000 downloads last month, the “silent majority”, we don’t do Instagram, reviewing the Tom Baker/David Tennant Big Finish story, Christopher Eccleston does Big Finish and why he really left the TV series, JB and Sean talk about “The Umbrella Academy”, paying to watch first-run movies on streaming, watching Classic Who in movie theaters, it’s Chris’ turn to present a game, that prattling DJ, Beat the Geeks, watching all the pretty goth girls dance, interrupted by gunshots, don’t fuck with the Jedi Master, “Don’t Stop Me Now”.