Saturday, April 6, 2013

new painting and podcast notes

Along with being a podcaster, musician, and now actor/voiceover guy, I'm also a visual artist who works with acrylic on canvas. This is my latest work, a portrait of the lovely Karen Gillan (Amy Pond). It is currently hanging in our dining room next to the liquor cabinet and my cabinet of Sci-Fi collectibles.

Taking this Saturday morning off to get things done around the house. Tonight - new Doctor Who. Tomorrow - recording review podcast. Last week I did recording and editing for the last episode all in one weekend, which left me no time to get anything else done. And with rehearsals for the show starting up, my time will be even more sparse. So the plan is to record review episodes on Sunday, edit them during my lunch hour at work and an hour before bed, and have the episodes ready to drop by mid-week.

Also, a special promotion. Once I get 30 "likes" (followers) on the podcast's Facebook page, I will release something special exclusively to my Facebook followers.

Enjoy the weekend. - JB