Sunday, April 27, 2014

#031 - The Great Deceiver

…in which our truthful podcaster questions Rule One by looking back at the show's history to illustrate why "The Doctor lies" and what benefits and consequences he and his compaions face because of his lies. Topics also include Infinite Diversity in Incoming Companions in the comics, and the true inspiration for Sgt. Pepper.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Highlights from Twitter Commentary - The Twin Dilemma

It's the gayest opening titles ever!
you can seriously stab someone with those backgammon pieces.
That's not a good look for Garmann!
how'd Peri know the Doctor had a mirror in his pocket?
nothing in that wardrobe room is in good taste!
It's "Equations" the exciting new game for the Atari 2600!
remember, always wait at least 2 hours after regeneration before choosing an outfit.
so the bowl haircuts must be hiding their Romulan ears and forehead ridges.
slight delay on the Mestor's Skype connection.
Matt Smith keeps throwing out food after regeneration. Colin Baker assaults his companion after his.
even the police have no fashion sense in this story!
I shall become...AN ACTOR!! GENIUS!!
these woeful twins make me miss the subtle acting of Matthew Waterhouse.
give them artificial respiration?!? GROSS!
wait, wasn't Peri wearing pumps earlier? now she's got boots on?
consoles made of tinfoil. typical end of season budget!
Peri got over being strangled rather quickly.
EXCELSIOR!! Colin does his Stan Lee impression.
Edgeworth turned into Slim Goodbody.
so Tom Baker's Doctor let Edgeworth down 20 drinks and had to push him in a fountain to sober him up?!? what a bastard!
part of the zigzag fell off the tinfoil console. sad.
he found the power pack in the jacket he just put on. coincidence? or shitty writing?
Nicola's crying cause she just realized she's stuck in her contract for the next series.
Colin didn't stand still while they cross faded Nicola out of shot.
Sorry, but that's the worst "crying" I've seen on TV.
what the hell kind of material is Lang's Jacket? it's a Project Runway reject!
the giant slug is crossed-eyed.
"it's a role you play very badly!" speak for yourself Romulus/Remus oh who the fuck cares!
Colin needs a much brighter flashlight to shine on the cave paintings. you can hardly see them.
I know what Mestor reminds me of now! Robot Monster! "To live like the hu-man!"
wow, Colin is more verbally abusive than Hartnell in the unaired pilot.
it's Colin's "Mrs. Robinson" shot.
he's holding a hot glue gun at Colin's head.
did the hermaphroditic slug just lusted after Peri? get in line, buddy.
they're calculating with an electronic Battleship game!
So the owl people can get into the TARDIS, but not Monarch. or the Van Balen brothers. or Clara.
"it's not anything like hot enough yet." Colin's gone all valley girl.
Azmel should ask the high council for a new set of regenerations. where's the crack?
that guy actually died from heat exhaustion from wearing heavy makeup, feathers and the leather costume.
no, I'm not hiding anything behind my back! no sirree!
Lang's wearing a swatch! anyone else remember swatches?
wow, what horrible lip-syncing!
wow, Colin just grabbed Nicola. still not as shocking as Matt Smith grabbing Jenny and smooching her in "Crimson Horror."
oh, god, don't tell me the twins are going to be companions!
i take it back about the twins being the worst actors on Who. it's a tie between Lee in the TV movie and Artie in "Nighmare in Silver".
love Nicola's smile to Colin at the end, though.