Sunday, June 23, 2013

#009 - Timey Wimey Supplemental

We hear more from the cast and crew of The Right Brain Project's production of "The Timey Wimey Fantastic Brilliant Extravaganza (Geronimo!) Think of these as extras on a DVD.

Right Click/Option Click for download The track listing is as follows:

The Writers' Tale (Mac & Justin)
Jen on entering the world of WHO
Storefront Theater and The Right Brain Project (Jen, Sarah & Tom)
Auditioning for the Doctor (Clint & JB)
Directing WHO (Emma, Roxie & Cast)
The Cast (Emma, Nathan & Cast)
The Two Doctors (Roxie & JB)
Dalek Dialogue (JB)
K9 (JB, Jen & Rush)
Designing the Cyber Chair (Rush)
Sound Design (Nathan, Clint, Roxie, Jen & Sarah)
Fight Choreography (Orion)
Dance Choreography (Brittany & JB)
Music (Mac, Trevor, Nathan & Cast)
Arranging the Doctor Who theme (Trevor)
Favorite Doctors
Favorite Companions
Favorite Episodes
The Message of Doctor Who

For more information on the show, visit The Right Brain Project website