Saturday, April 17, 2021

"David Tennant with T*ts"

We go back without a game plan to our drunken ramblings this month. Topics include: the final results of our Tournament of One-Shot Doctor Who Villains, news of the upcoming series being centered around Liverpool, meeting the new companion’s parents (again!), the Big Finish spoiler of the week, a quickie review of the Lost Stories audio “Return of the Cybermen”, how the Hartnell era took the most chances, Vickie > Susan, dinner with the Pertwee’s, Tom Baker in “Remington Steele”, what the cool kids were watching in the 1980s, interrupted by baseball, “is the caller there?”, Steven King’s son getting rejected by the BBC, the Token Doctor, a round of Doctor Who Mad Libs, Danny Puce, ingrown toenails, Fentanyl, “Because We Want To” by Billie Piper.