Monday, December 9, 2013

Highlights from Twitter Commentary - "An Unearthly Child"

Unaired Pilot

ahh! never noticed the creepy clown face to the upper right of the TARDIS before!
Ian's a bit OCD with the hand washing.
leer cam pans down to Susan's hips as she dances to the transistor radio.
now, it seems no one can ever make out the ink blot image she's making. it's obviously the TARDIS console.
"I dropped it!" "what?" "the mannequin!"
shadow cast from behind the console room walls. Wow, Hartnell is being verbally abusive to Susan!
Character Options should have a Hartnell with the non-Edwardian, contemporary shirt and tie.
"you see the first feint glimmerings?" that whole bit of the pilot is bloody brilliant.
and suddenly I'm craving a DQ blizzard.

Aired Version

this is a smoking set.
if this was made into a stage play, the school kids would double for the Tribe of Gum.
now the dancing is more robotic and alien. nice.
did she say "John Smith?". are we going to see Matt Smith playing the guitar on the 50th anniversary special!
Susan is more playful and less "deer in headlights"
did Hartnell just booted?
light pen or sonic screwdriver?
Hartnell is much more playful and soft. nice blocking with him handling all the antiques.
the bit with the clock. uncannily channeling Tom Baker with the "hmm?"
ah, there's the demat sound effect we all know and love!
"I should never have let that stupid girl tell me which TARDIS to steal!"

The Cave of Skulls

On the bass - Derek Smalls! He wrote this!
nice perm on the cave kid.
that's not how you rub your bone.
"What's CAL?!?"
wait, if the yearometer reads zero, shouldn't they have landed after Christ died?
forgot how much clutter the console room had in it. it's the Antique Road Show!
ah, someone painted a happy little cloud on the backdrop. Bob Ross would be proud.
guess the Doctor doesn't have to worry about lung cancer. he can always regenerate a new lung.
Susan's looking thru the Doctor's notebook. SPOILERS!
The Tribe of Gum also needs to discover how to make pants.
even with the TARDIS translating, the tribe should not have this level of language skills. this always takes me out of the narrative.
are we absolutely certain the TARDIS only changed the temporal location and hasn't landed on an alien planet?!?
hey, at least the skulls aren't trying to attack them.

The Forest of Fear

hold the rock still so we can superimpose the title over it!
hey, maybe you can use a rib to cut thru the bonds! they're plenty to spare! ahahaha!
they've should've just went from Totter's Lane straight to Skaro.
surprised the Doctor doesn't use the "non-interference of historical events" argument in order to justify leaving Za to die.
Ringo's threatening the old woman.

The Firemaker

christ, i just realized I got Kal and Za mixed up...ah, who the hell cares?
at least this has better fight choreography than the Athenian wrestlers in 4toDoomsday.
let's say it all together now..."sacred fire! sacred flame!"
still think they should've gone straight to the Dalek serial after leaving Totter's Lane.