Saturday, February 19, 2022

Cancelled By Proxy

While many of the Doctor Who podcast community squee away at Gallifrey One, our fearless three have their usual drunken ramblings over Skype. Topics include: Moving to N’awlins, ketchup on hotdogs, JB’s podcast anniversary, lurking thru the tweets from Gallifrey One, Paul Cornell gas lighting a fan on Twitter, apparently criticism now equals toxic fandom, the f*cking David Tennant rumors, Chris & Sean present The Doctor Who Book Club, Sean insults Gary Russell to his face, Chris gets triggered by Jacqueline Rayner’s writing, JB gets dissed by Graeme Burk, what pronouns we should be using for the Doctor, the Venn diagram of the transgender community and the Doctor Who fan community, JB is the rim-shot king, Thasmine wasn’t planned, the true definition of fangirls and fanboys, recording The TARDIS Tavern at a VFW, getting traumatized by a William Hartnell love scene, Sean can’t remember Christopher Eccleston’s name, Lydia West will probably be the next Doctor, farewell to Chicago motherf*ckers!