Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#116 Geek Girl Power

… in which a fearless cosplayer becomes a fearless podcaster. Lauren Faits returns to chat with JB about her new podcast, “She-Ra: Progressive of Power" as well as the long overdue casting of the first female Doctor Who. Topics also include resisting the new world order, justifying the existence of Porgs, and learning to fly.



She-Ra: Progressive of Power - Lauren's new podcast w/co-host Eric Garneau
Our Fair City
Ameya Pawar - Democratic candidate for Illinois Governor
Windy City Flyers

Monday, September 4, 2017

#115 Gen X on Next Gen (Part Two)

… in which our fearless podcaster continues his voyage aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701-D to be precise). Joining JB on his voyage is Ron McAdams, co-host of the 10 Backward Podcast and the MST3K Revival League Podcast. Listen in as they reminisce about their time together in Starfleet and give commentary on “The Best of Both Worlds (Part Two)”.



Starfleet - The International Star Trek Fan Organization
10 Backward - Star Trek TNG podcast co-hosted by Ron McAdams - Ron's online guide to building the bots from MST3K
MST3K Revival League Podcast - of which Ron is a regular contributor
Electric Toadstool Orchestra - 8 Bit Next Gen Theme


USS Locksley - Shuttlecraft Sherwood prior to its launching at the 1993 SIU Cardboard Boat Regatta. On the right is Capt. Adam Nettles.

My guest, Ron McAdams, and I in my Starfleet uniform and hoodie, watch on as Capt. Adam prepares for departure.

The shuttlecraft successfully piloted and navigated by CMO Ann Ponder & Capt. Adam Nettles. We came in second in our heat.