Sunday, October 28, 2018

#133 On The Bus

JB welcomes back to the podcast Dawn Xiana Moon of Raks Geek & Raks Inferno for a discussion on racism, politics and wacky sci-fi tropes as they review Episode Three of Series 11, “Rosa”.

Closing Music: "Beautiful Flowers Under A Full Moon", arranged and performed by Dawn Xiana Moon.


Sunday, October 21, 2018

#132 Giving Up The Ghost

… in which our fearless podcasters have a lot to say, but not necessarily about the episode they’re reviewing. JB welcomes Daniel Harper back to Doctor Who podcasting as they cross the desert sands and the deadly seas to reach “The Ghost Monument”.


Daniel is the co-host of Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism, a Doctor Who podcast that has been on hiatus for some time but is due to return soon.

He is a co-host of the Wrong With Authority podcast which recently released a commentary track for "The Lodger" and "Closing Time".

He is also a co-host of the They Must Be Destroyed on Sight podcast.

Monday, October 15, 2018

#131 The Doctor Who Who Fell To Earth

... in which we finally have new Doctor Who to review. Lauren Faits returns to the podcast (and to the program) bringing her She-Ra: Progressive of Power Podcast co-host Eric Garneau (who has never watched the program before) to join JB and his two new PodCats in welcoming Jodie Whittaker as they review the Series 11 opener, "The Woman Who Fell To Earth".


Eric Garneau can also be found on The Nerdologues Podcast