Saturday, August 11, 2018

WHO 37 Podcast to End After Series 11 Reviews

This was covered on the latest episode of the podcast, but I'm posting this here for the record...

I am looking forward to reviewing Series 11 and have a great line-up of guest reviewers joining me to make this season of review the best ever. But when Series 11 ends at the end of the year, so will WHO 37.

I’ve been recording WHO 37 almost non-stop for over five years. I took an extended break over the summer, and now I find it much harder to get back on the horse.

I feel like I’ve said all that needs to be said about Classic Who and the past 10 seasons of Modern Who. I’m finding it much harder to be motivated enough to come up with original material during the long periods of time in between series, and I don’t want to do what every other podcast is doing (i.e. reviewing old episodes).

I was going to do another “Loose Cannons” episode with X, but we’re both not feeling up to doing all the homework (reading books and listening to audios), especially as we’ve gotten little to no feedback on the last three of these we did.

I’m getting fewer downloads and no listener feedback for the past year. It’s hard to keep going when you feel like you’re shouting into the void.

I want to do other things now. I will be starting a new podcast soon (which you’ll hear about later). I am volunteering to do editing for another podcast, and I also want to expand my digital art.

I originally started the podcast to get back into the Doctor Who Fandom Community, and right now the community is very toxic. It was bad enough when the podcast establishment were up in arms with anyone critical of Moffat-era Who, but with everyone drawing battle lines before one frame of Series 11 has even aired, I'm ready to call it a day.

I will keep the blog and Facebook page up after the podcast ends, but I will be going off Twitter once I no longer need to promote the podcast. If I feel the need to sound off on Doctor Who or review upcoming series, I will post my thoughts online. Believe me, editing text is much easier and less time consuming than editing audio.

I want to thank all of the listeners who have stuck with me these past 5 1/2 years and hope that you’ll stick around for my Series 11 reviews. I’m keeping an open mind, but I will be critical. Just because the Doctor is now played by a woman and two of the companions are POC, it does not make the show critic-proof. For me it’s all about the story, and if there is no story (or if the story is badly told), I will say so, regardless on who is playing the Doctor or whatever social messages the writers are trying to make.

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