Friday, March 22, 2013

excerpts from Twitter - episode commentary

The Ambassadors of Death - Episodes 1-3 

weird TARDIS interior...oh wait, he took the console out of the TARDIS.

Liz Shaw is a dead ringer for Strisand.

"A Whiter Shade of Pale" to play you into space dock.

is that Michael Wisher behind the hipster beard and glasses? 

ohh. sexy bass and sax music while going down the tunnel.

These guys are worse shots that Imperial Stormtroopers!

they stole that pop-up screen from the set of "Tattletales"

Pertwee got a hold of "Tenth Planet" episode four! oops, it's gone!

i can't take the UNIT soldiers seriously with those white turtlenecks.

again with the inappropriate sexy sax music!

they're being attacked by hair stylists!

Who put barber chairs in the recovery capsule?!?

Pertwee wants to beat that bureaucrat to death with that pencil.

The delivery truck says Hay Hoe, and suddenly I got hiphop music stuck in my head.

car chase sequences. not exclusive to The TV Movie. and now Liz runs it for a touchdown!

cut to credits just before the unfortunate upskirt shot.

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