Friday, March 29, 2013

highlights from Twitter commentary - "The Chase"

Hartnell just said "wipe the shit off these switches!"
That's the biggest goddamned hubcap I've ever seen!
The Lincoln from "That Which Survives" was better.
LIz 1 still bitter about Tennant.
No "Ticket To Ride" for you! Denied! Doc's got a webcam on the console.
two suns. cue John Williams.
oh, no. not the tympani again!
I don't think it would get that cold at night on a planet w/2 suns. you never saw Luke Skywalker with a winter coat.
Disappointed the Dalek didn't say "its!" after approaching the camera.
what's more embarrassing - fish people from #TheChase or fish people from #TheUnderwaterMenance?
They're going to destroy the "Airlock". It will not be recovered for another 46 years.
Doc's eating custard, though I don't think he'll want fish fingers in it.
what's more embarrassing - The Mire Beast or The Murka?
I like Vicki! At this point Susan would be whimpering in a corner!
Hartnell does his impression of a gay man hailing a taxi.
Okay, we're in NYC circa 1965, so the Ponds would be in their mid-40s?
Sad to say that #TheChase is still the best #DoctorWho story set in NYC.
who's more goofy wearing a stetson - Peter Purves or Matt Smith?
they've landed on the set of "Dark Shadows"!
Barbara quotes Poe. They should really pay him a visit in the new series.
ah, the inept directing style of Richard Martin. really shit with the action sequences.
Dalek did a fine impression of David Banks - "Excellent!"
Dude, use the Fast Return switch!
first story with the shoulder slats, and they're already falling apart!
"impossible to distinguish from the original?!?" ARE YOU HIGH?!?
Barbara making gunshot noises is so adorable!
This guy is no Richard Hurndall.
someone is playing their jazz records in the cave.
thank god the film editors were able to salvage the Dalek/Mechans battle.
let's superimpose the paper model city with footage of an avalanche. WEAK!

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