Friday, June 14, 2013

Why is the podcast called WHO 37?!?

Many years ago, I had a license plate on my car (the red escort) which had the number "WHO 37". I, of course, wanted to get "WHO 1", but I guess 36 other people in the state of Illinois had the same idea that year. I've not owned a car since about a year after I moved to Chicago, but I still have the license plate, which currently hangs in my makeshift recording studio (a/k/a the coat closet).

I had already dubbed the studio as "WHO 37", so I decided to also christen the podcast by that name.

The number 37 has some great significance for these reasons:

1) I was 37 years old when I moved to Chicago.
2) I was 37 years old when Doctor Who returned to the airwaves in 2005.
3) I am also a fan of the works of Kevin Smith. His Smodcast was one of several podcasts that inspired me to start my own podcast. If you don't understand the 37 reference, go see "Clerks."

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