Sunday, January 26, 2014

#026 - Long Distance Dedication

Part Two of Four …in which our fearless podcaster continues his countdown of his Top 40 Doctor Who stories. This week it's 30 to 21, and it gets a little creepy with companions wielding scissors, Davros serving Happy Meals, and a special appearance by Max Headroom.

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  1. Hi! I am enjoying your countdown, especially since I am a relatively new Who fan (I only came aboard with Matt Smith in 2010). I've caught up on all the "modern" series (I know, I know - no distinctions!), and am slowly (too slowly, as of yet) working my way through the older material. In fact, I just finished "The Edge of Destruction" and (shameless plug alert) I wrote a post about it at the blog I contribute to, The Sci-Fi Christian ( I will say I don't think Hartnell's giggle at the end of his soliloquy is breaking character at all - I think it's very appropriate, and hints at the Doctor's abiding sense of wonder in the universe. (Unless I'm reading too much into it!)

    Looking forward to your countdown's continuation!

  2. Thanks for the link to your blog entry. I've posted it on my FB page
    and will post on Twitter in a bit. Glad you are enjoying the
    countdown and also the "classic" stories. Hartnell's giggle at the
    end does work well, and I don't think you're reading too much into it
    as you said. Perhaps it's a bit of both, he was relieved to get thru
    the monologue, and he worked it into his performance and made it a
    very nice character moment.

  3. This is a fun countdown (I'm catching up slowly) and I wanted to share a cheer for representing two of my favorites that rarely get fond recognition (Edge of Destruction & Revelation of the Daleks). Both would be in my top 20. Thanks for the podcast!