Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dining w/The TARDIS Tavern @ the Restaurant at the End of the Universe

You can now hear me chatting with Steve & Sean on the latest episode of the TARDIS Tavern Podcast. This week the boys find themselves at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and we discuss the Peter Davison story "Four to Doomsday".

You can find their excellent podcast at


  1. This was a fun review of Four to Doomsday- I'm curious if your grandparents had WSIU in Carbondale or WUSI Olney? I'm assuming your main station was KETC St. Louis. I think I'm about your age and grew up near Carbondale. This led me to your podcast which I'm currently enjoying. I also remember your DWM #138 illustrations, but assumed Marissa, IL was somewhere near Chicago!
    I'm here: and here: @SeanBradshaw03

    1. Yes, my grandparents, who lived in Mt. Vernon, had channel 8 in Carbondale, which we also got but not as strong as channel 9 in St. Louis. I went to SIU-Carbondale for two years, and by that time I had most of the classic series on VHS (taped from KETC broadcasts). I have fond memories of the old guy on channel 8 who hosted classic horror movies on Friday nights and held a flashlight to his face.

      Ha, nope, Marissa is about a 6-hour drive from Chicago, but only about an hour from St. Louis (and an hour from Carbondale).

      Glad you're enjoying the podcast.

  2. Ha! Who can forget host Erv Coppi?
    KETC came in very faintly if at all in Carterville; I was always jealous they showed Doctors beyond 3-5 and things like Hitchhiker's Guide. I also lived in Chicago during the 90's, finding very few examples of Doctor Who left at that time. I did build a TARDIS for a Borders' books display in '96.
    I'm sure I passed Marissa during trips to St. Louis! Yes, enjoying the podcast! Just heard Space: 1988.

    1. THANK YOU! I was trying to remember that guy's name all afternoon!

      Yeah, we were fortunate to get all the classic Doctors as well as Hitchhikers, Blake's 7, and Red Dwarf. The trade off was all the pledge drives with the annoying Laura Cairo (I remembered her name) who would always be dressed in either a Colin Baker or Tom Baker (season 18) costume.