Sunday, August 10, 2014

#038 Small Finish

… in which our fearless podcast explores the strange world of Doctor Who annuals and presents an audio adaptation of "The Body Snatcher" from the 1977 Doctor Who Annual. He also catches up with some fan mail and ponders the fate of "big box" sci-fi conventions.

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  1. As a fan of old time radio shows and audio drama, I really enjoyed your "Power Records" take on the comic strip, JB! Thanks for sharing your creativity and enthusiasm with us!

    Speaking of audio drama, I recently finished listening to "Marco Polo" on Audible. It's probably Whovian hersey to say so, but I kind of hope those episodes are never recovered - I'm sure the visuals could never match the "show" in my head! :)

    (I also hope to listen to more of the Big Finish audios in the future.)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the audio drama. I'll probably attempt another one next year.