Sunday, November 23, 2014

Panel appearances at Chicago TARDIS 2014

We FINALLY got a programming schedule for next weekend's Chicago TARDIS convention. I am participating in three panels this year:

All Teeth and Curls: 40 years of the 4th Doctor (Friday, 1pm, Programming 2)
(and I just may be cosplaying as the man himself on Friday!)

Podcasting Panel (Saturday, 2pm, Programming 3), featuring:
* Lynne Thomas (Verity!)
* David Vox Mullen (New Who Podcast)
* Charles Martin (The Happiness Patrol)
* Ken Deep (Podshock)

The God Complex (Sunday, 4pm, Programming 3)

I plan on recording the podcast panel and possibly the Tom Baker panel for future episodes of the podcast. I'll also try to get some "fan in the lobby" interviews recorded as well, so if you see me, stop by, say hi, and if you want, say a few words to the Snowball Blue mic and be on a podcast.

See you at Chicago TARDIS!


  1. I hope you will post your recording of yesterday's podcasting panel at Chicago TARDIS – I'd like to share it with my wife and also with a friend who was in attendance yesterday, but who opted for the "Teaching Doctor Who" panel which ran concurrent with yours. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Dante!

    I will indeed be posting the audio of this year's podcasting panel at Chicago TARDIS on my next podcast. Look for it to be posted either late tonight or by Monday evening. Glad you enjoyed the panel.