Sunday, December 14, 2014

#053 The Fur Flies

… in which our fearless podcaster turns his critical eye on two beloved stories (and one beloved companion) from the classic series. Happy holidays!

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Oi Spaceman Podcast: Chicago TARDIS recap

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  1. Hi JB,

    Well, I was a bit shocked to hear my last rant read "on air" as it sounded much grouchier than I had intended... so I hoped that didn't annoy any listeners to badly.

    After your recent (excellent) interviews at the con, and hearing more from some of the other podcasting folks who are so pro series 8 that they can't conceive of people disliking it for any legitimate reasons, I've been pondering the issue further and have a hunch I thought I would bounce off this comment wall.

    Most of the staunchest supporters of this series that I've heard are long time, classic who fans. This series is arguably the closest to classic Who (of the 8 new who series) in a few ways, particularly Capaldi. While internalized who fandom (particularly) podcasts have been largely defensive about this series, I've found that the wider sci-fi/geek culture fandom has criticized it mercilessly.


    (and from a more feminist perspective, although the above link does to some degree as well):

    I had a very difficult time finding anything but very negative things about the writing for series 8. Perhaps the defensiveness from the "old guard" Who fandom stems from this growing tide of discontent on the periphery.

    Again, I'm not saying that there was nothing to enjoy about series 8, and that no one should enjoy it...

    However as a fun anecdote, I talked to my nephew over the holidays who used to be a huge fan of the show. He stopped watching after Kill the Moon, and gave away his Who book collection. A bit extreme of a reaction, but it made me laugh a bit considering the topics this podcast has been covering. As another potentially amusing anecdote, The Who club at my university banned talking about Moffat in a critical way. People can say whether they like the series or not, but not criticize Moffat in particular because of concerns for bullying and conflict.

    Now, to decide whether to sit through the Xmas special now or...

    Cheers & thanks!