Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Special Thanks To...

As I end another year of Doctor Who podcasting, I want to take a moment to give special thanks to those who supported the podcast this year and in years past...

Do Bats Eat Cats? (aka my girlfriend Darlene) for your love, patience, understanding, and constructive criticism. I promise not to do my lame Moffat impressions anymore on the podcast.

St. Xtofer and the rest of the Dirty WHOers for the hilarious yet on-the-mark criticism of this program we're all obsessed about. You guys were an early influence when I started this mad world of podcasting, and I hope you continue to put out the pods again soon.

Steve & Sean of The TARDIS Tavern for popping my podcast-guesting cherry and for the well balanced discussions of all things WHO.

Daniel & Shana of Oi! Spaceman for your words of support and for seeing the big picture where most other podcasts only skim the surface.

Lauren Faits a/k/a Geek Girl Chicago for never being afraid or ashamed of being her geeky self and for spreading the gospel of geek all across the windy city.

Mark Harris for writing me pages of emails and sketches that I always look forward to receiving, reading and reenacting.

Russ and WhoBrannigan for being my sole patreons and for sticking with the podcast.

Nathan Robbel and The Right Brain Project for making my dream of working in Doctor Who come true not once, but twice.

Rob Southgate and the staff of the Blue Box Cafe for a fun summer night of podcasting in the suburbs this year. Let's do it again soon.

Brent & Christina, my hometown buds, who were there at the beginning of my WHO fandom and who continue the journey with me.

Kevin Smith (yes, THAT Kevin Smith) for inspiring me (and countless others) to start podcasting and for all the laughs.

Casey Blick for co-writing the theme tune for the podcast years before we even knew about podcasts. The world lost what would've been an amazing podcast host, and I still miss you like mad.

and finally, the listeners who download or stream this podcast. Hope you have enjoyed listening to these episodes as much as I have enjoyed recording and editing them, and I really do enjoy it.

I'll save my New Years Resolutions for the next episode of the podcast.

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