Saturday, March 5, 2016

a few announcements

Firstly, the podcast now has an actual email address. Yeah, only took me three years to get that together, right? Anyway, you can now email me at

Secondly, After some thought, I've decided to switch to a once-a-month release schedule for the podcast for the duration of 2016. There are no new episodes of Doctor Who to review at the moment, and I have other projects and life stuff that really need my attention. Of course if any breaking news happens such as a new companion announcement, I'll chime in with a quickie podcast. I'll try to institute a release schedule, but I usually hate adhering to deadlines, so no promises. Just know that once a month there will be a new episode of WHO 37 for you to download or stream for your listening pleasure (or displeasure). I will sometimes alert my Facebook and Twitter followers a few days before I release a podcast, so if you haven't already, by all means follow me on those social media platforms.

Lastly, on the next episode of the podcast, St. Xtofer and I will be doing an extended Big Finish Doctor Who review of the story "The Fearmonger", and I don't plan on holding back on the spoilers. We're recording it next weekend, so if you've not heard it already, I recommend purchasing the download from Big Finish as it's only $2.99 (in the U.S). And if you have any thoughts you'd like to share about this audio adventure, you can email them at the aforementioned, brand-spanking-new email address,

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