Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#088 Baker Baker

… in which the podcaster by the lake and the podcaster from downstate deal out a double dose of Doctor Who Big Finish reviews. This month JB and Xtofer take on "The Romance of Crime" starring Tom Baker and "Arrangements for War" starring Colin Baker. Contents include ambiguously bisexual artists, psychotic cockneys, politically incorrect aliens, errant lawnmowers, and DOG PEOPLE!

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  1. Hi JB,

    Fun podcasts recently - I'm enjoying your explorations of Big Finish. In the podcast you mentioned that the Sarah Jane Big Finish series has a questionable reputation. While my own opinion is much more forgiving, I believe any negative reputation is for the first series. The second series is own of my favorite Big Finish runs ever, and my definitive version of Sarah Jane. Sladen's performance is top notch and gives Sarah the cold edge that would seem like a natural development for her character. From what I've heard, Sladen really enjoyed doing the series (particularly) the second series, and you can see a through line in her performance in the Sarah Jane Adventures in quite a few ways (albeit softened). Finally, the supporting cast for the Sarah Jane audios deserve some credit. I particularly liked the performance of the acerbic assistant she has, who I just learned was played by Sladen's daughter Sadie. It's cheap and if you are bored, you might want to check it out sometime. The tone is very much Seeds of Doom, and not Pyramids of Mars. Apologies for the deluge of Big Finish chat.

    Again - thanks for the podcast!