Monday, January 30, 2017

Peter Capaldi To Leave Doctor Who Xmas 2017

I can’t say I’m surprised. I can’t say I’m saddened. I do, however, feel a twinge of disappointment for a fine actor who hasn’t had a chance to really shine in the role of a lifetime. And for Peter Capaldi, Doctor Who was literally the role of his lifetime.

Today he announced he is leaving Doctor Who. His last appearance as the current incarnation will be at Christmas after one more full series in the Spring. But I look at the list of writers for this upcoming season, and aside from one brand new name and another name from the Classic era, it looks like we’re getting more of the same as the last two series.

We’ll have a new companion whose story will most likely take center stage, and it will probably be a compact story unlike Amy’s or Clara’s because I can’t imagine Bill will be carried over to the new production team. Plus we have a returning character being brought in as comic relief and now confirmed to be in all the episodes. And I fear that the Doctor is going to be pushed back even further from being the main protagonist in these upcoming stories. I hope that I am wrong and that the Doctor will be driving the action this time around instead of being the reactive and often clueless character he was in the last two series.

I’m not going to speculate who will be cast as Capaldi’s replacement, only that I’m sure he or she will be considerably younger, and I suspect we will have an announcement before the series comes back in April.

Today, the “12th” Doctor still remains the only incarnation of which I have none of his episodes on DVD. He is also the only action figure that is not in my display cabinet with all the other Doctors (including the recently departed John Hurt), but that’s mainly because Character Options still have not gotten his facial features or his hair quite right.

I see the potential of Capaldi’s Doctor in interviews or with his interaction with young fans, but I’ve rarely seen it on the actual series. I hope I see it this year, and I wish Peter Capaldi all the best at his future endeavors, which I hope will include a series of Big Finish adventures.

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