Saturday, February 6, 2021

No Clever Title - We Rank The Doctors

Depressed over Gallifrey One being cancelled due to Covid-19? Got two hours and change to kill? Listen in as JB, Sean & Chris rank ALL 14 Doctors for the ULTIMATE Doctor Who ranking. They also get into geek TV FOMO, the Series 24 Blu-Ray infomercial, and the usual bitching about Big Finish replacing dead actors.


The ULTIMATE Doctor Who Ranking (based on average scores) is…



1. Tom Baker (1)
2. TIE - Jon Pertwee and David Tennant (3.3)
3. Patrick Troughton (5.3)
4. Sylvester McCoy (6.3)
5. Peter Capaldi (7.3)
6. Paul McGann (7.6)
7. John Hurt (8.3)
8. Christopher Eccleston (8.6)
9. Colin Baker (9)
10. TIE - William Hartnell and Matt Smith (10)
11. Jodie Whittaker (11.3)
12. Peter Davison (13.3)


  1. Loving this podcast, have been out of touch with DW, returning now and this is being a great and funny listen. A question for Sean: are the old Tardis Tavern episodes offline for good?? It was one of my favorite podcasts, I would like to give some eps a listen again...

  2. Hi, Alphonse. Thanks for the feedback. It's always great to hear from listeners, and I'm glad you took the time to write in and are enjoying the podcast. To answer your question, yes the Tardis Tavern eps are offline for good, and I don't think Sean is planning on posting them again. I was able to download a handful of my favorite episodes before he took the show down for good. If you look thru the archives on this blog page, you can still find the WHO 37 episode "Be Our Guest" (I think it's episode #97) which features a lengthy clip of when I was on the Tardis Tavern.