Saturday, April 30, 2022


Two Southern gents and a Yankee get drunk and talk about the latest episode, “Legends of the Sea Devils”, and one of us actually like it (for the most part). We also speculate over the “next time” trailer for the last Chibnall/Whittaker story and RTD2’s plan to model the series after the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, the conversation deviates now and again into subjects not suitable for the “Cancel Culture Club”.



  1. Hi Guys. Your Irish Fan from NZ. Maybe it's my phone (android!) Or just my stupidity but I tried to rate and make comments on ITunes today but cudnt. I will try again. However when I do find a way - my review will be this. 'Think of a respectable, sophisticated, erudite person you would bring on date and yet be bored. That's the other Doctor Who podcasts. This podcast is the date with the short skirt bad, bad habit, a criminal record and a dirty mouth. You may end up in a river or a dumpster by the end of the date but you know it was worth it. Doctor Who Gives F#ck is the dirty date you want to say 'no' to but you just can't resist. It's bad for you but way more fun than Radio Scaro.'

  2. Oh P.S. The review was from Rob O Shea. The naughty date one. 😀