Tuesday, March 31, 2020


The podcast officially regenerates for the new age of uncertainty and social distancing over Skype. JB, Chris & Sean cope with the new normal by playing “the Game of Rassilon” where Doctors and companions are randomly mixed and matched into stories which were also mixed and matched to other writers.

CONTENTS INCLUDE: Doctor Who DOES give a fuck, “that’s what she said!”, Graeme Burk writes a decent comedy sketch, Big Finish, Tom Baker’s voiceover outtakes, not buying the Blu-Rays, midwestern accents, 4x3 vs 16x9 aspect ratios, killing off Nardole, “it was Earth all along!”, fake plastic tree monsters, Neil Gaiman grudge match, a cameo from Reed, Amanda Fucking Palmer, ASMR in space, “Ben”, HIP mall, Project Runway rejects, non-recyclable Autons, gay spiders, killing off Lee from the TV movie, racist jokes from The Walking Dead, the dark side of Patrick Troughton, convention sex, virtual conventions, RIP MLB, enjoying social distancing, hoarding TP and eggs, political memes on Facebook, Dystopian or Star Trek future?, “It’s Gonna Get Better”.


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