Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Rise of Stolen Fluid Links

More foul-mouthed, drug-induced Doctor Who discussion by the Three Who Drool. Please remember to drink responsibly even if you are stuck at home!

CONTENTS INCLUDE: Doctors thanking real doctors, new podcast theme, condolences to Georgia, babysitting the kids, JB’s unemployment saga, Chris returns to the Dirty WHOers, JB’s “Invisible Enemy” story, “Last Christmas”, Jenna Coleman welching on conventions, “Farewell, Sarah-Jane”, Sadie takes over for her mom on Big Finish, Luke is gay, Tegan is not gay, George Takei, “Lost Girl”, Sean didn’t get Eric Roberts’ autograph, creeping out Sarah Sutton, “podner”, Steve’s autographed cricket ball, Doctors on “The Big Night In” and the toxic fan backlash, WHO looked good?,, “Enemy of the World” is now a historical, JB loves “The Chase”, Sean revisits the Target Novelizations, Terrence Dicks, Doctor Who death pool, “Susan’s War”, “which rapist should I vote for?”, the boys brushes with fame, Chris’ Bacon number, which Doctor do you want to save us from Covid-19?, Jiminy Glick impressions, trying to remember Series 12, watching “The Five-ish Doctors” with Peter Davison, Ace needs actual closure, fanboying over Eternals, why we didn’t do a commentary, is Bill the Dodo of the modern series?, Karen Gillan is still on the free list, what does the TARDIS smell like?, hair envy, Doctor Who tackling porn addiction, “The Stuff”, that Star Trek episode with Ashley Judd, keep Troughton and burn Hartnell, Chris loves “The Macra Terror” and the Chumblies, shout-out to Jeff Waddell, River closes the show, “Who’s Doctor Who” by Frasier Hines.


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